Aviation Asset Schedule Help Guide

The Aircraft Asset Schedule is completed each year by you, the insured Agency.  It must include all aircraft assets owned by, or in the care, custody or control of your Agency.

It is important that you provide accurate and complete information as the data is used by us to assess the level of risk and calculate an appropriate premium commensurate with that risk.  In addition, the information contained in the Aviation Asset Schedule is collated by QGIF into a Whole-of-Government Asset Schedule and forwarded to reinsurers in accordance with our reinsurance reporting obligations.

The following help guide provides additional information to assist you in completing your Agency’s Aviation Asset Schedule.

Asset ID

The Asset ID is the unique identifier code used internally to identify the asset. It may be either the SAP ID, Location Code, UI Number.

Year of Manufacture

The year of manufacture of the aircraft.

Make of Aircraft

This is the make/manufacturer of the aircraft eg: Bell, Boeing, etc.

Aircraft Model

This is the aircraft model as noted on its compliance plate eg: HA-420, VANS RV9A, 1A, etc.

Registration No.

This is the registration number of the aircraft (if applicable).

Type of Aircraft – Rotary or Fixed Wing

The type of aircraft owned or operated by the Agency ie Rotary – Helicopters or Fixed Wing – Plane.

Passenger Seating Capacity

This is the maximum number of seated passengers for the aircraft (excluding pilot).

Replacement Value ($AUD)

The replacement value (in Australian dollars) represents the total cost to purchase a replacement aircraft of similar design and specifications including any in-built equipment eg: surveillance devices, etc. A current Replacement Value (Gross Value) is required as QGIF settles aviation claims on a reinstatement or replacement basis.

Aircraft Usage

This is the purpose for which the aircraft is being used eg: transport of personnel, surveillance, emergency medical service, search and rescue etc.

Will the Aircraft Fly Outside the Commonwealth of Australia?

Populate either “Yes” or “No”. If ‘Yes’, please provide further details in the last column.  This may impact the State’s reinsurance cover so QGIF will need to notify our aviation reinsurers.