Marine Policy Overview

The Marine section of QGIF’s policy covers loss or damage to Queensland Government-owned watercraft including cover for third party personal injury claims and property damage claims.

Who’s Covered?

  • All Queensland Government Agencies insured with QGIF who own watercraft or have any watercraft within their care, custody or control, are covered under this section of QGIF’s policy.

What’s covered?

Watercraft includes both motorised and non-motorised craft. The cover provided by QGIF is divided into two parts:

  • Part 1 – Material Loss or Damage, which covers the Agency for any loss or damage to the insured watercraft, as well as watercraft in the care, custody and control of the insured Agency.
    • loss or damage to an Agency’s watercraft may be the result of an event such as:
      • fire
      • lightning
      • explosion
      • impact damage
      • malicious damage
      • natural disasters such as storms, cyclones, floods, earthquakes
      • hail
  • Part 2 – Legal Liability, which covers the Agency for legal liability claims made by third parties in respect of personal injury and property damage caused by the use of insured watercraft.

What’s excluded?

  • loss or damage resulting from wear and tear or inadequate maintenance. This does not apply to subsequent accidental loss or damage.


Frequently Asked Questions

The following motorised and non-motorised vessels are covered under this policy:

  • kayaks
  • inflatables
  • dinghies
  • patrol boats
  • yachts
  • barges
  • jet-skis.

The following are examples of marine claims:

  • a boat damaged by fire
  • a boat trailer jack-knifes and then rolls whilst being towed.  Damage to the boat and the trailer, including loss or damage of the boat equipment (e.g. radio, lifejackets etc) are covered
  • the insured Agency’s boat is involved in an accident causing damage to another party’s boat.  If the Agency’s boat was at fault and caused the damage, QGIF will pay the repair costs of the other boat under Part 2 – Legal Liability.

Please refer to your Agency’s Insurance Certificate for details of any applicable excess.

For property claims, payments are made on a replacement and/or reinstatement basis (i.e. new for old). QGIF does not apply any depreciation when paying your Agency’s claim.  For any liability claim, QGIF will manage the claim with the third party including the payment of any legal costs incurred in managing the claim.

Yes, the sum insured is inclusive of the vessel, motors, equipment and trailer.


All watercraft acquired by an insured Agency at any time during the period of insurance is automatically covered under the policy.  These acquisitions must be declared at the next annual collection of asset information.  However, QGIF must be notified should your Agency purchase or sell watercraft of significant value, for example, a $1 million patrol boat.