QGIF insurance coverage for COVID-19

QGIF will closely monitor and update its cover in line with Federal and State Government Directives in relation to COVID-19.

QGIF’s mandate is to provide the broadest insurance coverage to its insured Agencies and we strive to provide cover that is no less than the best available coverage in the commercial market, whilst in a Government setting.

QGIF does not have a communicable disease exclusion within its Insurance Policy – Statement of Cover. We are pleased to advise that some losses associated with COVID-19 will be covered under the Queensland Government Insurance Fund should your Agency have Property – Part 2 – Loss of Revenue and Increased Costs and/or Liability Sections in place.

Property Section

Due to the recent declarations by both the Federal and State Governments, your Property Section will extend to cover some losses under the following areas:

Property – Part 2 – Loss of Revenue and Increased Costs  

Agencies who have Property insurance with QGIF (other than those detailed on your Agency’s Insurance Certificate Variations/Notes) are covered for Property – Part 2 – Loss of Revenue and Increased Costs.  QGIF will pay the reasonable additional expenditure incurred by the Agency including those incurred in resuming or maintaining normal business operations or services such as the costs associated with hiring alternative premises.

QGIF proposes to manage each incident as follows:

  1. Closure of facilities due to public authority order

If the order for closure is from an authorised entity, then QGIF will pay any additional cost incurred by an Agency to continue provision of its services, for:

  • net profit loss if your Agency is funded in this manner;
  • increased costs of hiring alternative premises to maintain operations;
  • increased costs of hiring additional security staff required to maintain normal operations or if premises vacated;
  • costs of relocating patients/inmates/wards of the State from one facility to another should the Agency not be eligible for funding from the COVID-19 Federal and State funding arrangements.

QGIF will not pay for:

  • costs associated with the Agency’s working from home arrangements;
  • costs associated with replacing staff quarantined due to COVID-19.
  1. Event Cancellation

QGIF will cover an insured Agency for their ascertained net profit loss and unrecoverable expenditure should an event be cancelled, abandoned, postponed, interrupted or relocated, as a result of COVID-19 beyond the Agency’s control.

If the Event Cancellation is as a result of:

  • an official Government edict that orders gatherings or events not being held e.g. sporting events, performances, concerts etc.; and
  • the venue is shut down by an appropriate government authority,

QGIF will pay the Agency for:

  • expenses incurred in the organising of events arranged prior to the 11 March 2020 (declaration of the pandemic) or official position of the State’s Disaster Coordination Committee or similar body. Examples of expenses are:
    • net profit loss if your Agency is funded in this manner;
    • loss of deposit;
    • costs incurred for works already undertaken;
    • non-recoverable expenses such as advertising;
    • charges reasonably and necessarily incurred by the Agency to avoid cancellation or diminish a loss is covered. This could be cost of hiring alternative venue.

QGIF will not pay for:

  • costs relating to events that were arranged after the declaration of the pandemic or Health Services’ official positions.

QGIF will apply one Deductible to an Agency’s Insurance Policy for COVID-19 claims.


QGIF will cover the Agency for all amounts which the Agency becomes legally liable to pay as:

  • compensation for personal injury and property damage; or
  • other damages, in respect of a Claim, as a result of an Occurrence in connection with the Agency’s activities.

QGIF will apply one Deductible to an Agency’s Insurance Policy for COVID-19 claims.

Should you have any queries, please contact QGIF on qgif@qgif.qld.gov.au or (07) 3035 6367.