Six tips for making a claim

With storm season approaching, it’s time to consider how you might approach a claim on an insured asset.

Safety first

When an incident occurs, the safety of staff and the public is paramount. Your first priority is to make sure that everyone is safe and out of harm’s way before securing the area and taking steps to prevent any further loss or damage.

Take remedial action

While it is important to notify QGIF at the earliest opportunity, you can immediately repair or replace damaged assets or infrastructure as required in line with your agency’s procurement process. This helps to minimise disruptions to your agency. Take photos of the damaged property before commencing any remedial repairs. Keep a record of any discarded items. Ensure any salvageable assets and equipment are kept and stored safely.

Contact us

Contact us or complete our online claim form to notify us of the incident and provide as much information as possible. Notifying us early of any damage that could lead to a claim is important, even if at the time you talk to us the extent of damage is still unclear.

Next steps

A claims officer will liaise with you regarding the extent of damage and any action required. Depending on the type and value of the claim, we may appoint a loss assessor, an engineer or other experts to provide specialist advice regarding your claim. Once we have all the information and documentation we need, we will notify you of the outcome of your claim and the process for finalising reimbursement of your agency’s outlays.

Retain proof

Identify and retain any relevant documentation to substantiate your agency’s claims, such as invoices, expert reports, photographs, quotations, internal departmental reports, etc.


Clean-up costs are not covered by QGIF unless there is damage to insured property, however, these costs may be recoverable through the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA). Strict conditions and time limits apply. Contact the Queensland Reconstruction Authority for advice.

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