About us

The Queensland Government Insurance Fund (QGIF) is an internal Queensland Treasury managed fund established on 1 July 2001 to oversee the State Government’s self-insurance scheme.

All Queensland Government agencies, as well as eligible statutory bodies, are covered by QGIF for any loss or damage to State assets as well as any compensation claims made by third parties.

QGIF’s key functions are to:

Manage the State's self-insurance scheme

We do this by:

  • engaging with agencies to collect essential data regarding their risk exposures
  • working closely with the State Actuary’s Office to determine appropriate annual premiums which are sufficient to meet the cost of claims, having regard to each agency’s risk exposures and claims histories
  • managing all claims centrally in a cost-effective manner in collaboration with agencies and in accordance with Model Litigant Principles and agencies’ procurement requirements
  • providing monthly claims reports and advice to agencies to assist them in managing their insurable risk exposures
  • engaging the State Actuary’s Office to value the outstanding liabilities of the Fund.

Manage the State's catastrophic risk exposures on a Whole-of-Government basis

We do this by:

  • obtaining cost-effective reinsurance protection from the commercial insurance market where appropriate
  • providing independent assessments of the State’s reinsurance arrangements to the Australian Government when required in accordance with the relevant guidelines under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

We do this by:

  • briefing Government as required on general insurance issues
  • contributing to policy development and submissions on insurance-related issues