General Liability

General Liability Overview

The General Liability section of QGIF’s policy covers an Agency’s legal liability to pay compensation to a third party for personal injury, property damage or financial loss.

Who’s covered?

  • All Queensland Government Agencies insured with QGIF
  • The Agency’s employees, board and committee members and volunteers where:
    • an Agency agrees to indemnify an Agency employee, volunteer, board and/or committee member under the Queensland Government Indemnity Guidelines (as amended from time to time).  The indemnity process is not determined by QGIF.  The Agency’s employees, board members, committee members or volunteers, who have been granted indemnity, will be covered under the QGIF policy.
    • a civil liability in relation to the conduct of an Agency employee, volunteer, board and/or committee member attaches to the Agency pursuant to a Queensland law (e.g. section 26C of the Public Service Act 2008 (Qld)).

What’s covered?

  • General Liability cover includes but is not limited to:
    • Public Liability
    • Product Liability
    • Professional Liability (if no fees are charged)
    • Cyber Liability
    • Environmental Liability
    • Employment Practices Liability
    • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability
    • Conditionally registered vehicles are covered in relation to legal liability for third party property damage.

What’s excluded?

  • legal liability arising from the use of registered motor vehicles (except conditionally registered vehicles which cause property damage to a third party)
  • legal liability arising from the use of aircraft and watercraft owned by, or in the care, custody and control of the Agency (as these may be insured under the Aviation or Marine sections)
  • legal liability for which the Agency has assumed under a contract or agreement, unless liability would have existed in the absence of such a contract or agreement
  • costs associated with judicial reviews, coronial inquiries, investigations by a professional body, parliamentary committee or other State, Commonwealth or Territory body.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some examples of general liability claims:

  • a member of the public is injured after slipping and falling in a Queensland Government owned or leased building where it is alleged the insured Agency was negligent in some way which caused or contributed to the injury
  • an employee alleges gender discrimination by the insured Agency
  • a member of the public brings a claim against the Agency, alleging an employee of the Agency did something or failed to do something during the performance of their duties which caused damage to his/her private property.

No. As QGIF does not insure any non-government entities, cover cannot be extended to include contractors, sub-contractors or agents.


No. QGIF cannot insure any non-government entities.  Any contractors must have their own insurance.

No. QGIF will only cover the insured Agency and cannot insure any non-government entity.  The cover provided by QGIF does not extend to protect the interests of other parties.  They will need to have their own insurance.


Yes, as long as the community meeting is an authorised activity of the Agency.  The owner of the hall would need their own insurance in respect of their legal liability as the property owner.


The Agency is insured by QGIF as the property owner.  The other party still needs to have their own Public Liability insurance in place to cover the risk exposure of the particular activity for which they are using the premises.


Yes.  Once the claim has been accepted by QGIF, we will pay all reasonable legal costs and expenses (other than in-house legal costs and expenses) incurred in the settlement or defence of claims for legal services provided under Tied Work or Whole-of-Government legal services arrangements.  The engagement and costs must be authorised by QGIF, including any appointment of Counsel.