Claims management

A core function of QGIF is to centrally manage all claims against the Fund.

Claims are managed in accordance with best practice claims management practices, as well as Model Litigant Principles and Significant Litigation Directions (where applicable).

While QGIF has responsibility for all financial transactions associated with claims management, QGIF consults with our clients at key stages of the claim to ensure our clients’ interests are considered and the best possible claim outcome pursued.

Having a centralised claims management team within QGIF delivers efficiencies for the State by:

  • removing duplicated financial transactions
  • reducing claims handling costs
  • improving data quality to the benefit of agency reporting and actuarial valuations
  • ensuring a consistent and whole-of-government approach to claims management
  • enabling catastrophic exposures to be identified and managed on a whole-of-government basis and providing a platform for QGIF to purchase reinsurance for the State on the best value-for-money terms.

Our claims officers utilise best practice claims management knowledge, skills and experience to:

  • understand the unique needs and requirements of our clients
  • investigate, manage and resolve claims
  • assess liability
  • develop claim strategies
  • undertake regular claims management reviews
  • establish and maintain up-to-date case estimates
  • record and update claims information
  • manage service providers
  • manage disputed and litigated claims.