Feedback Policy

We are committed to providing our insured agencies with a high standard of service based on our Brand and Core Operating Values of:

Customers first: Agencies are at the heart of what we do.

Ideas into action: We aim for the highest quality and strive for continuous improvement.

Unleash potential: We find new ways of solving problems.

Be courageous: We test what we do and how we do it with fairness, diversity, trust and mutual respect.

Empower people: We back our people to be proactive, take calculated risks and make informed decisions based on considered legal advice.

The Queensland Government Insurance Fund (QGIF) manages the State’s self-insurance scheme and provides broad insurance-based coverage to all Queensland Government Departments and eligible statutory bodies. QGIF works collaboratively with insured entities to cost effectively, centrally manage all eligible claims.

QGIF engages with relevant experts (including instructing solicitors and Counsel, investigators, accountants and the like) at the appropriate time and is guided by expert opinion and works with agencies to achieve the optimal outcome in matters.

QGIF’s Statement of Cover is designed to have minimal exclusions to ensure that the broad and varied risk nature of Government activities is accounted for and we encourage you to read the Statement of Cover on our website at However, we realise that there may be circumstances where you may disagree with a decision made by QGIF, either about the coverage or the management of a claim.

QGIF was established as part of the Queensland Government’s commitment to a better, cost-effective means of managing financial risk through identifying, provisioning, and funding the State Government’s insurable assets and liabilities.

We are committed to ensuring that the cover and services we provide are consistent, contemporary and fit-for-purpose in line with the Government’s fiscal planning objectives and we welcome your feedback as a tool for continuous improvement.  Please also feel free to provide any positive feedback you may have as you interact with us and we will ensure that the team member that provided you with that excellent service knows how happy you are.

How to Provide Feedback

We understand that feedback can include complaints, however, many complaints can be resolved quickly and easily by the QGIF team member you have been dealing with, as they will be familiar with the issues you may raise. We request that in the first instance you provide your feedback to them.

If however, you are still not satisfied with their response, we ask that you email your feedback to for the attention of the Director, Claims if your feedback is in regard to claims management; or the Manager, Underwriting if your feedback is in regard to policy coverage or policy renewal activities.


QGIF will confirm receipt of your feedback within 1 business day and seek any clarification that may be required to ensure that the issues are correctly understood within five business days.

We will aim to resolve all complaints within 28 days of all the necessary information being received by QGIF. If it is expected to take longer than 28 days to review your feedback, we will contact you prior to this time and explain why.


Once we have clarified the issue(s) and received all of your supporting information, we will outline the initial steps that will be taken and the timeline under which they will occur. This may include, but is not limited to, obtaining an independent expert opinion or report, the feedback being raised with the senior management team of QGIF (General Manager, Director Claims and the Manager Underwriting) for a response and/or a brief being prepared for the attention of the QGIF Governance Committee.

The below diagram outlines the process which QGIF will undertake when feedback is received:


Where we find that we have made an error, we will take the following action:

  • provide an explanation as to why the error occurred
  • where required reverse any relevant decision
  • outline the steps taken to prevent it from happening again.

If the outcome of our investigations supports our original decision, we will provide:

  • a detailed explanation of the decision
  • the factors that support the decision
  • the final decision-maker.

What you can expect from us

Communication: We will communicate openly and efficiently, clearly outlining the decision made, supported with the justification for that decision.

Respect: We will manage your feedback in a fair, respectful and transparent manner.

Accountability: We will accept responsibility for our decisions and actions and commit to act to correct any error when it occurs.

Continuous improvement: With any feedback, we will take onboard the lessons learnt and implement strategies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the cover and services that we provide.

What we ask of you

Be Realistic: Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the feedback you are providing to us and that the outcome you would like can be sensibly achieved and aligns with the insurance principles that QGIF operates on.

Cooperate: Describe the issue and tell us everything that is relevant in the order it happened.  This may include dates, times, what action has been taken so far, and any supporting information. Also, make sure you tell us what outcome you are seeking or the action you want us to take.