Requesting a Certificate

QGIF issues two types of certificates:

An Insurance Certificate is issued to each Agency at the time of renewal and provides information about your Agency’s insurance coverage with QGIF, including the policy number, period of insurance, type of cover and any specific inclusions/exclusions.

A Certificate of Currency verifies that you have a current insurance policy with QGIF and is available on request. Certificates of Currency are distributed via email to each Agency’s policy contact at the beginning of every period of insurance (i.e. from 1 July).

A Certificate of Currency is often provided by an Agency to a third party to demonstrate the Agency is insured.  It may be requested by a third party when an Agency is negotiating the terms of a contract for the provision of services or the undertaking of a particular activity.

Should you require a copy of your Agency’s Certificate of Currency, please contact your Agency directly in the first instance or check your Agency’s intranet or web portal.

You can also request a Certificate of Currency from QGIF at any time by completing and submitting the online form below or sending us an email. It is important you provide as much information as possible as to why you need the Certificate of Currency as well as a contact name and telephone number so that we can discuss your requirements.