Certificates FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

A Certificate of Currency is the written document issued by QGIF that confirms your Agency’s insurance policy is current and valid as at the date of the certificate.

There are several reasons why you may need a Certificate of Currency. Often, it’s because a third party (an individual or company) that you are dealing with in relation to the performance of a particular activity or service has requested it to obtain proof that your Agency is adequately insured.

It is important to note that supplying a third party with a Certificate of Currency does not in any way, extend the insurance protection afforded to the Agency by QGIF to the third party requesting it. The third party will need to have their own insurance cover.

QGIF cannot provide legal advice, but we can advise on the extent of cover provided under our policy and what insurance considerations to be aware of when entering into agreements with third parties.

QGIF strongly recommends you discuss any contractual arrangement with your Agency’s legal service provider.

We recommend that you obtain your Agency’s Certificate of Currency from:

  • Your Agency’s internal intranet; or
  • QGIF by completing and submitting the online form or via email.

An Insurance Certificate provides information about your Agency’s specific insurance coverage with QGIF. It includes the name of the insured Agency, policy number, class/type of cover, policy period and any limits or exclusions. The Insurance Certificate is issued by QGIF at the time of policy renewal.

A Certificate of Currency confirms your Agency’s insurance policy is current as at the date of the certificate. It is often provided by an Agency to a third party to demonstrate the Agency is insured.